Check out Live Wire’s Fancy Pants

39,000 FEET — There are things in this world you have to do, things you want to do, and things you’re lucky enough to get to do. I was excited to be asked to write about my love of Live Wire for a big fundraising party they’re throwing tonight. And I was bummed when I realized it was tonight, and while they’ll be at the Imago Theater, I’ll be in Las Vegas digging around for the threads that’ll make a book proposal that I assume will make me, my agent, and everyone I know obscenely rich. Or I’m going to be the severance. Nothing could go wrong with either plan.

As such, I didn’t write anything. But here I am, and I paid for the wifi on the plane so …

I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to a couple of episodes of Live Wire. OSU basketball coach Craig Robinson told us all a hilarious story about his sister (who’s kind of a big deal, being the First Lady and all) and the secret service. Channing Frye and I talked people farting on airplanes, Chuck Thompson regaled us with stories of dirty rivers. And I worked up an essay about almost dying alone atop a horse in the middle of Eastern Oregon ranch country.

Some of my favorite Portland people make Live Wire one of my favorite Portland things. I leave Live Wire inspired. Every time. No bullshit. It’s a home for smart people doing smart work and it’s getting harder and harder to find places like that. I’m going to meet a writer or a filmmaker I didn’t know. I’m going to see a band I dig. I’m going to laugh. I’m probably going to get a little drunk.

So if you’re free, get your fancy pants on. It’ll be fun. And you’ll be lending a hand to good people who work their asses off to make funny.



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