You–yes you–can help Redray Frazier make a record

A couple of weeks ago, when I was supposed to be home alone with my feet on the wall, I sneaked out of the house, met up with some pals and enjoyed the hell out of two happy hour sets by Redray Frazier at the Laurelthirst Pub. If you don’t know Redray, you should. Because he’s a nice guy. If you haven’t heard Redray, you will. Because he’s too good.

Ever so soulfully, he and the band even managed to guide the Laurelthirst crowd to the 2 and the 4.

I met him a few years ago when I was putting together live interview shows for the Oregonian and wanted a night with some songwriters. So Redray, Blitzen Trapper‘s Eric Earley and Eric “EDJ” Johnson joined me and we had a time talking craft and swapping songs. Fun night.

When Ray asked me recently if I’d write a bio for him, I was happy to do it and I mention that as full disclosure and with the caveat that I’ve got no stake in …

Ray’s fundraising for his new record, Blood in the Water. He’s using IndieGoGo. Check it out, and if you still have questions, check out the band on Saturday night at the Star Theater. It’s all grooves and cool and style. Because Ray’s stylish. A denim guru, even. But you can read about that, and procure his services, as part of the fundraising.


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