Springsteen: Album By Album (The Book Party)

Rebecca Gates being super cool, as she'll be at the book party on Oct. 12.
Rebecca Gates being super cool, as she’ll be at the book party on Oct. 12.

Do you like to party? Yeah. Of course you like to party.

Come to Mississippi Pizza Pub at 6 p.m. on Oct. 12 and we’ll party to celebrate the Oct. 7 of Springsteen: Album By Album. I’ll stand on stage with a red ball cap in my back pocket and I’ll shake my ass for an hour. It’ll be cool. I’ve been working out.

OR, I’ll build a reading around performances by Rebecca Gates, Jim Brunberg, Casey Neill, and Sarah Gwen and Mark Orton. They’re all nice, and talented, and generous and you should click on each of those links and buy records.

In fact, let’s do the performance and reading thing on Oct. 12. We’ll table the ass shaking for now. (But only for now.) Songs and words. That’s what we’ll do. I’ll have some books for sale. If you’d like me to scribble in them, I will. Bring the kids. We’ll keep it clean.

So come on out, have some pizza and beer (you don’t want to cook on a Sunday, anyway) and we’ll hang out and laugh. This is Casey Neill singing “The Dark Divide,” which isn’t really funny, but it sure is pretty.


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