Scenes from a book party

Photo by: April Baer
Photo by: April Baer

Book party. Book party. Book party. So, book parties are fun.

Thank you to everyone who came out to Mississippi Pizza last night, and sorry to those who couldn’t get in because it was packed. Like, unexpectedly packed. It was nice. It was a lot of fun. As I said on Facebook and Twitter, for whatever else we might bitch about around here, Portland is stupid with talent and generosity.

This being my first book rollout, I’ve nothing to compare it to, but it seems like it’s gone well. People are saying nice things. The book is big, and bad (ass, per pal Beth Nakamura), and heavy and that seems to be taking people by surprise, which is cool. I ended up on an Internet-related tangent with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney last week, and I mentioned how much fun it is to tell people there is no e-version. You gotta buy this big, cool, physical thing. I like that. [Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, Powell’s]

I like everything right now. I especially love this from Finn, fantastic child of friends Tom and Yoona: “First of all, everybody does NOT have a hungry heart, because we just ate dinner.”

I take pretty lousy photos most of the time. My wife thinks I take great photos of our daughter, but that’s because I take a million of them and then show off the two good ones. Below you’ll find bad photos of some great performances. The links will take you to more information about them and their music. Maybe buy a record or two. They’re good. I promise.

Casey Neill and Jesse Emerson did ‘Backstreets.’

Jim Brunberg and Ben Landsverk took on ‘Hungry Heart’

Sarah Gwen and Mark and Megan Orton tackled ‘I’m Going Down.’

And Rebecca Gates brought things home with ‘My City of Ruins.’

Encore? Encore: A Year Afar doing ‘Wreck on the Highway.’

Inspiring, all.

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