Speaking Freely with Sheila Hamilton on KINK FM

SpringsteenalbumbyalbumcoverI guess I kind of took over KINK FM‘s morning show on Monday. They played a bunch of Bruce tunes, and worked in clips of an interview I’d earlier done with co-host Sheila Hamilton. I caught part of the morning while headed out to meet a friend for coffee. It was a strange and fun thing to hear–myself sounding not completely stupid on the radio, a lead-in to “Trapped.” It was nice to hear “Trapped.”

On Twitter, Sheila was like, “Strange how?”

Strange in the way the way that it’s profoundly weird to me still that people want to talk to me on the radio. Strange in the way that it’s hard to reconcile people asking me to write in their books. For the rest of my 40 years on this planet, people have explicitly asked me not to write in most books. And now they say “please.”

Strange. But a lot of fun. Fun because why wouldn’t it be fun to sit around and talk about Bruce Springsteen? People love Bruce, and they have a lot of smart thoughts on Bruce, and great stories about Bruce. Bruce buying them a beer. Bruce playing them a song. Bruce being Bruce.

Anyhow, the morning show interview was cut up from a longer chat Sheila ran on her Sunday morning show, Speaking Freely. That full conversation is below. I believe it includes advice on when it’s perfectly OK to lie to your child.

If you’d like, you can order Springsteen: Album by Album at Powell’s, Barnes & Nobel, or Amazon.


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