Just to buy you some shoes …

bnhomeI saw a local media outlet promoting a reporter whose job it is today to help the dear readers sort out the Black Friday chaos–as if Americans needed help buying stuff. It’s just about all we do well these days, and of course we’ve fetishized it and commoditized the oddest hours of the day.

It’s pretty weird.


I’m flogging product, too. Who am I to judge? And it’d be worth my time–and yours–to tell you that both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have insanely fantastic deals on Springsteen: Album by Album. Half off.  That’s a steal. And the book was already a steal. A popular steal. We’re into a second printing already.

Barnes & Noble is even featuring the book on its homepage, where it sits next to a George R.R. Martin work. That’s kind of cool. None of this stuff has gotten old yet. The Telegraph has some nice words about the book in a roundup of what’s good in the music aisle, the writer saying she’s “been most impressed by Ryan White’s atmospheric Springsteen: Album by Album.”

Atmospheric’s cool. About the book:

Here it is on Amazon.

Here it is on Barnes & Noble.

Here it remains at Powell’s.

And here’s Springsteen doing “Drive All Night” the last time he was in Portland. A new online pal alerted me to it on Facebook, and it was quite a moment that night.


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