Postcards from Margaritaville: May contain soy

photo (5)For who, really, is the sucker? The sucker, or the sucker who buys the suckers?

This was what the marketing geniuses call an “impulse buy,” the kind of thing that seems like a good idea at the register. A gag. A good goof the next time the neighbors come over for dinner.

Desert? Yes, there is desert!

Hilarity ensues.

Purchased at the Margaritaville Store in Nashville, you’ll note they may contain soy. It’s right there on the bottom of the label. “May contain soy.” Soy is the last ingredient before the bar code. Soy is set out there all on its own, away from the rest of the ingredients, like its the most important. Like its the one thing you MUST know about this particular piece of candy.

May contain soy

And a freaking worm–clinically identified as “Insect larva.” But it’s a freaking worm. Look. A worm. And maybe some soy. Or maybe not. Who even knows?

photo (6)


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