Garden & Gun says ‘Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way’ sings



Garden & Gun is a fantastic magazine and I feel Ok saying that because I believed Garden Gun to be a fantastic magazine before its April/May issue hit the stands with a lovely piece about the book inside and some good dogs on the cover.


Forgive me this one* indulgence:

… White pecked admirably around the margins, interviewing dozens of Buffett’s fellow Key West, Florida, barflies, record producers, bandmates, friends, and business associates, and the portrait that emerges is affectionate and admiring but devoid of Parrot Head fawning—the proper key for such a bio. It helps that White’s prose bears a music of its own …

Full Garden & Gun review: “Jimmy Buffett: A Pirate at 70.

Pre-orders for Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way are available. Audio is now available, too. Large print, I hear, is coming.

*Hopefully there’ll be more indulgences. 


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