A Good Life All the Way: A Playlist, Part I

cropped-jimmybuffettagoodlife_1cToday’s Tuesday, April 11. That means you’ve got six days to get your taxes done, and in exactly four weeks, Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way will be released. I’ll be updating this space with much more regularity, sharing a few stories, a few more deleted scenes and music.

There’s a lot of music in the book, because there better be. It’s really about a song and all it built and all that’s changed in its life. But there’s so much more music in the book beyond Jimmy Buffett music and Jimmy Buffett’s greatest hit(s).

I worked through roughly the first half of the book last night pulling songs that appear for all manner of reasons (and a few from albums that warranted mention), and dropped them into Spotify in (also roughly) the order they appear.

A few, like Roy Orbison’s deeply dark and disturbing “Southbound Jericho Parkway” aren’t on Spotify. But you can click that link. Same goes for the Milton Brown-penned, Ernest Tubb and Loretta Lynn-recorded, “I Won’t Cheat Again On You (If You Won’t Cheat on Me).” Thank you, YouTube.

But a lot of other cool stuff is there. Enjoy! And, you know, you can pre-order Jimmy Buffett: A Good Life All the Way.


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